It’s Wedding (Prep) Season!

Bring on the bridal shows, wedding conventions and 2020 wedding details!

While it’s true that it’s never too early to start your wedding planning (some people might argue pre-engagement is too early but you’d be surprised), couples who have Spring, Summer and Fall weddings still have time to nail down many of the logistics.

No flowers chosen yet? Not a big deal, but get on it soon.

No honeymoon booked?  You’ve got time but have those conversations now, and make sure to use credit card points or miles wherever you can.  You still probably have time to open a brand new card to get a huge bonus to pay for your flights (that’s what we did).  Or, if you haven’t booked yet, you might want to take a look at different airports within 2-6 hours of your residence.  For example, it was 50% of the flight cost for my wife and I to fly to Hawaii from Toronto than it was from Cleveland.

Anyhow, if you’re the bride and/or groom, now’s the time to pick your Best Man and Maid of Honor.  And with that, you can give them assignments, responsibilities, and a gift along with the designation.  Obviously, we’d love if the gift involves a copy of Wedding Toasts 101 (and maybe a toast template), but more importantly, you may want to make the announcement special for them.

Some people keep it very simple with a phone call or in-person ask.  Others do it by mail with an endearing card.  We’ve also seen mini-champagne bottles, jewelry, bourbon glasses, tee shirts, and more.  However you want to do it, you’ll be asking something special from them (help with the bachelor/bachelorette party, assistance with the wedding day order of events, to stand as your right hand on the big day, and writing/delivering a toast at the reception), so it’s nice to make the announcement unique for them.

Just food for thought.

If you are looking for ideas to spice up / class up your ask of your best friend, brother, sister, cousin or loved one to be the Best Man / Maid of Honor, here are a few that we’ve come across for under $50:

If we’re missing an amazing resource, drop a comment below or send us an Instagram message @weddingtoasts101.

Go get em.



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