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About The Author

Pete Honsberger has been to a lot of weddings.  Maybe you can relate.  He’s seen the good, the bad, and the embarrassing when it comes to wedding toasts.

It’s his personal mission to enhance the quality of these speeches worldwide.

In addition to attending a lot of weddings, he’s been a serial groomsman, speaker, and consultant to friends and family on their toasts.

You may someday see Pete at a wedding near you.  In fact, if you are preparing a toast, always assume he will be there holding you to a high standard!

Pete lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his amazing wife, Jenna.

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About The Book

If you’re here, it means you care about the quality of wedding toasts worldwide.  And that’s right up our alley.

You’ll find all the tools you’ll need for a memorable speech—and we hope you’ll have some fun while you’re here.

Pre-orders for Wedding Toasts 101, the book, are available NOW.

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Take control of the writing process

Where to Start

How to build your toast’s framework

Wedding Toast Workouts

Exercises to jog your memory and cultivate your best stories/content

Dos and Don’ts

Of great speeches

Five Critical Cogs

Deep dive into the Five Critical Cogs and how to leverage them for your best possible toast

Sample Toasts

In their entirety to aid in your inspiration

Body language tips and tricks

To help you present your best self to the crowd

Accountability in your writing process

Please please please, don’t wait until the day before the wedding to start!



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