Full Toast Sample

(Can You Name The Movie?)

You won’t find this sample wedding toast in the upcoming book.  It lives as an “outlaw” toast from the publisher, so I decided to include it here in its entirety.  Hope you enjoy it, and perhaps take something helpful away for your next toasting opportunity.

P.S. send me a message if you can name the movie….

For Mia and Michael:

They say love is blind, and while they both do own glasses, I’d say that in Mia and Michael’s case, love is more…unexpected, a little clumsy, a lot like a fairy tale, and as clearly true as I’ve ever seen between two people.

My name is Lilly, Mia’s best friend, and one of the only people who has always told Mia EXACTLY what I think, regardless of her social status. Some could say (looking over at Mia) I’m a little too honest at times, but who are you gonna believe, them or me?

I also happen to be Michael’s younger sister, which will make our family gatherings much more fun and only a little more awkward for the rest of our lives.

Believe it or not, Mia and I weren’t always the most popular girls in town. I remember when Mia was asked—well forced—to give a presentation in front of the class in high school, She was so scared I was sure her already frizzy hair was going to look like she was being electrocuted, and she bumped into just about every desk on her way to the front of the room. It was like a human pinball full of anxiety and armpit stains was attempting to walk. Now, when you see her speak like she was born to be in front of an audience, remember that she once made me look like Ellen Degeneres while she looked like a terrified intern on the Ellen show.

But we had some amazing adventures too. We explored the city together, talked about absolutely everything, and spent a lot of time with Michael as a crew, too.

We liked photography, but not the paparazzi and beach towel pictures-kind (pause for laughter). And even though Mia is one of the genuinely kindest people I know, I was actually kinda afraid of her when she nearly tore a high school bully in half protecting a classmate. Or at least she looked that scary in the moment…oh no, I just called my best friend scary at her wedding! Oh well, that was a long time ago, but her street cred should never be questioned. Ever.

Yes, we had some good times, and a few rough patches, but that’s what true friends are for. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so proud of anyone than I am of you right now…except for maybe Michael, I have no idea how he convinced you to marry him! Just kidding, of course.

But, Mia, you’ve blossomed into not only an amazing person, volunteer for great causes, and humanitarian, but you also find time for us to still be best friends. I literally cannot wait for a lifetime of adventures, pop culture gossip, ice cream dates, and maybe even a reality TV show (pause for laughs).

And speaking of dates, when it comes to watching someone you love find a soul mate, I was twice as lucky. Michael, you are by far my favorite brother, ahem, only brother. You are genuine, kind, sensitive, strong, and obviously talented since you’re related to me. While you may have thought it was a longshot to end up with someone like Mia, I’ve honestly known it was destiny since my first day of high school. You and Mia had a chemistry that can’t be faked or imitated. You’ve been my advice-giver and protector forever, and now I’m so proud for you to take over that role for my best friend. And thank God that Mia didn’t have to do an arranged marriage!

Anyhow, the past was a beautiful winding road that led to this perfect day, and your future together is the best fairy tale I can’t wait to see written. Everyone please raise your glasses and join me in a cheers for Princess Mia and her knight in shining armor.

Now will you please start having babies so I can be a royal aunt???!!!



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